My name is Saud Karam.

I was born in Kuwait in an animal-loving family having cats and dogs since childhood as pets. My mother has always inspired me to have pets and have love and affection for animals from a young age.

Having a dog companion completes my world. I am a proud friend and owner of a showline German Shepherd which I raised from day 1. This experience provided me with great passion which is a need in my K9 training.

I started my career by learning about different dog’s psychology, physical trainers, and body language. I was especially lucky since I have a real-life experience plus access to great books and videos from all over the world especially Europe and the USA.

I am proud of being one of the first Arab dog trainers to provide seminars with top trainers from all over the world from those special people who like to take an extra step to care for their dogs.

I had great talks and seminars on which world top trainer who they gracefully shared their knowledge and provided me with much-needed skill.

Now I have my own business raising and training working line German Shepherd among other breeds. I am in daily contact with my dogs and we share a magnificent bond.

I also have a great fondness for sports dogs. I remember back in the days they used to call them ( IPO ) now they call this sport ( IGP ). On this website, you can see a picture of me with my dog’s. Make sure you also follow us on our Instagram account for more pictures and updates.

I wish you find what you need on this website don’t hesitate to leave comments, question, or contact us, we are eager to hear from you.